Seth Godin’s Udemy course for freelancers part 1

As Per the instructions “Do these exercises online, in public. Blog them or put them on Facebook. Speak up. Speak out.”
I am posting my workbook answers here, as I work through them.
I did this course on Udemy, and I recommend it and anything else by Seth Godin. I am a fan, and it is always inspiring to read/listen to his work.
So, here it goes with the questions from the first worksheet:
What do you want to do? (Not your job, but your work, now, tomorrow, and in the future)
  • I want to influence the maritime industry – to make the training more effective and efficient. To make it more personal and less general. To allow the access to great instruction and refresher courses online, through text, video, and live sessions. To allow for one on one tutoring online. To be able to allow access to training specific to the industrial equipment that the Mariners currently work with.
  • I want to Make Maritime Training more useful and less wasteful – in both time and resources.
Who do you want to change, and how do you want to change them? 
  • I want to change the way training for mariners is done. I want to make it more accessible. Making weeks and months at training centers a thing of the past.
  • Bringing in the training centers of our age – computers at home, and a session or more on the simulators for those subjects that are applicable. Eliminating the time wasted in hotels, dorms, downtime in class, meal hours at cafeterias.
  • Allowing training to be done as needed and when needed.
How much risk? (from 1 [a little] to 10 [bet everything]), how much are you willing to put at stake to make the change you seek?
  • 7 – I still want to be able to eat and have a roof over my head.
How much work are you willing to do to get there? Be specific about the tradeoffs.
  • All the time I’ve wasted watching TV, and a lot of time I waste doing nothing in particular. I’m not scared of the work – I want to build something I can be proud of – Something that can change everything.
Does this project matter enough for the risk and the effort you’re putting into it?
  • It does. I’m certain.
Is it possible — has anyone with your resources ever pulled off anything like this?
  • It hasn’t been done on the scale I want to grow too but it has been done on a smaller one – That I where I intend to start.
Find a freelancer you care about and teach them what you just learned
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Article by Jaquie

Co-Founder of Coeval, Inc. a graduate of the United States Merchant Marine Academy with a degree in Maritime Operations and Technology. An eMBA Candidate at and a USCG Approved Instructor for various topics. She has worked primarily on Liquefied Natural Gas Vessels completing, conventional loads and discharges, Ship to Ship transfers, commissionings, and Regasification through APL Systems and HP Manifolds. She has also worked aboard, Pure-Car Carriers, Product Tankers, General Cargo, and Bulk Grain Vessels. She currently holds an Unlimited Master Mariners Licence issued by the United States Coast Guard. With the following endorsements: Certified Person in Charge (PIC) for the transfer of Dangerous Liquids and Liquefied Gas, Certified Person in Charge of Medical Care aboard ship, Lifeboatman-Fast Rescue Boats, GMDSS, Vessel Security Officer, Crowd Control and Crisis Management, Qualified Member of the Engineering Department and Jr. Engineer.