Our First course is out in the world!

This week is a special one for me.

We have been building this course all summer, and we are now at the point that it is now open to students!

It has taken hours and hours of writing, recording and editing, (months worth of hours in fact) and still not yet finished – but it is at the point where it needs to be in the world getting feedback and making improvements.

I know this can be so incredibly helpful, to Mariners not only in the US but world-wide. The need to have a maritime education that is accessible and easy to use is there. Now we just need to help mariners to have it and to be able to provide really for their needs in not just exam preparation but in maintaining their training records and licences.

We know that the Coast Guard Rules of the Road Exam can be stressful. That 90% correct to pass can be very intimidating. 

So, we made you our first course – to make it the easiest exam. It covers everything you need to know to pass the Rules of the Road test – up to the level of Unlimited Master Mariner

The price right now is $39/ month – you can disenroll at any time (if you are not happy in the first 30 days you can have a full refund). After the first 50 Students, the price will be $49/ month.

The course includes – videos, handouts, discussions, the USCG questions in a quiz format as well as explanations on how to do the questions and the illustrations. There is also a forum that is accessible only to enrolled students.

We are continually updating and adding to the course! We hope to talk to you soon in the course forum.

Also, we still have our Free Illustrated Lights and shapes study guide and other items available in our store: https://gumroad.com/coevalinc 

All the best!

Jaquelyn E. P. Burton

Founder, Coeval inc

Article by Jaquie

Co-Founder of Coeval, Inc. a graduate of the United States Merchant Marine Academy with a degree in Maritime Operations and Technology. An eMBA Candidate at Smart.ly and a USCG Approved Instructor for various topics. She has worked primarily on Liquefied Natural Gas Vessels completing, conventional loads and discharges, Ship to Ship transfers, commissionings, and Regasification through APL Systems and HP Manifolds. She has also worked aboard, Pure-Car Carriers, Product Tankers, General Cargo, and Bulk Grain Vessels. She currently holds an Unlimited Master Mariners Licence issued by the United States Coast Guard. With the following endorsements: Certified Person in Charge (PIC) for the transfer of Dangerous Liquids and Liquefied Gas, Certified Person in Charge of Medical Care aboard ship, Lifeboatman-Fast Rescue Boats, GMDSS, Vessel Security Officer, Crowd Control and Crisis Management, Qualified Member of the Engineering Department and Jr. Engineer.