The fire, eMBA, new projects, and last years events.

The last year started rough. I joined the Alliance St. Louis again as Chief Officer at the beginning of January and within a few days of signing on, we had an Engine Room Fire. I awoke to the alarm in the early hours of the morning (02:50 ish).

We then proceeded to evaluate the size and location of the fire and were successful in extinguishing it without any injuries or cargo damage.

But, due to the fire and method of extinguishing it; we were left without propulsion and needed to be towed back for repairs. While we were waiting for the tow we were attended by the Mariya Moran (our good Samaritan.) They couldn’t really assist us it was great to have them nearby.

We received an excellent salvage team who were a pleasure to work with when the tug got there.  The NTSB and the USCG investigated the fire and surrounding circumstances – their reports are still yet to be published.

After a considerable amount of time in the Port of Port Arthur, Tx ( who have great accommodating staff.) Our vessel was repaired, cargo was both discharged and loaded. We also changed some crew during that stay. We then departed for our voyage to Africa, the Middle East, and the Caribbean.

In May I was still onboard but started classes for an Executive MBA program. I am due to finish this May and have been really happy to take part in it and to meet so many talented people from such diverse backgrounds.

I got off the vessel in June and upgraded my license to Master Mariner Unlimited. I have spent my time since clarifying what I want and taking part fully in the eMBA program, events, and discussions.

I am also excited that will be rolling out some new things we have been working on in the coming weeks.

I will also be at the CMA Shipping 2018 and OCMIF regional forum this week – hope to see you there!


All the best, till next time.

Article by Jaquie

Co-Founder of Coeval, Inc. a graduate of the United States Merchant Marine Academy with a degree in Maritime Operations and Technology. An eMBA Candidate at and a USCG Approved Instructor for various topics. She has worked primarily on Liquefied Natural Gas Vessels completing, conventional loads and discharges, Ship to Ship transfers, commissionings, and Regasification through APL Systems and HP Manifolds. She has also worked aboard, Pure-Car Carriers, Product Tankers, General Cargo, and Bulk Grain Vessels. She currently holds an Unlimited Master Mariners Licence issued by the United States Coast Guard. With the following endorsements: Certified Person in Charge (PIC) for the transfer of Dangerous Liquids and Liquefied Gas, Certified Person in Charge of Medical Care aboard ship, Lifeboatman-Fast Rescue Boats, GMDSS, Vessel Security Officer, Crowd Control and Crisis Management, Qualified Member of the Engineering Department and Jr. Engineer.

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